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The Spanish Galleon - coming soon

Broken-hearted Madison Morley has been told that Cornwall will be good for her soul what she isn’t expecting is to be pitched into a centuries’ old mystery: the hunt for the treasure of a Spanish galleon wrecked on the rocks of Penrowan in the 1500s.


Part of the treasure fleets, the galleon’s fabled cargo has never been found. Until now.  When Miranda Catesby, the chatelaine of Catesby Hall, discovers a new clue, the hunt is back on. There is only one problem, Miranda has gone missing after issuing an SOS for help.


Can Madison, with the help of handsome Cornishman Luke Ryder, rescue Miranda and locate the treasure before Miranda’s evil nephew Teddy beats them to it?  And will Madison discover something even more precious than gold and silver along the way - a new home for her heart?


A romantic, cosy mystery, The Spanish Galleon combines heart and soul with a dash of danger and is the first novella in the exciting new Madison Morley Series by Ellie Holmes.

A Taster for The Spanish Galleon

Madison Morley watched the quad bike pull up the steep hill that led from the

Cornish fishing village of Penrowan to the railway station. As the bike crested the

hill the tone of the engine changed and it arrived in the tiny pull in outside the station

with a roar of triumph.


The helmet-less rider lifted Ray Bans into his tangled blond hair. He wore cut off cargo

pants and deck shoes, his white shirt billowing in the late afternoon breeze. Madison

could see he kept himself in good shape. He was in his early thirties at a guess;

handsome in a rugged, outdoorsy, kind of way.


‘Miss Morley, I presume?’


Madison was taken aback. ‘Yes,’ she said, raising her hand against the dipping sun. ‘But there must be some mistake. I’m waiting for a cab.’


There were deep grooves around the man’s eyes, hewn by the sun which deepened still further as he smiled. ‘Yeah. That would be me. Meter’s been running since I got here, love. Are you getting on or not?’


‘Meter?’ She raised an incredulous eyebrow. ‘You think I’m going to pay to ride on that thing? You should be paying me.’


He laughed; a deep chortle of joy that seemed to rise from his belly and explode upwards and outwards. ‘Fair point. Anyway, I was pulling your leg. It’s free for anyone staying at Harbour Watch.’


He said it like it was a perk. Other places had complimentary toiletries and soft, fluffy bathrobes. This place came with a death trap jalopy and a clown. Just her luck!